Satisfaction with Life

Satisfaction is a curious sentiment, feeling, or a state of being. Contentment is likened to it. What is it to be satisfied in this life? I suppose it has a lot to do with how someone would define contentment. If their quality of life met the demands of their definition, we could call them satisfied. So, what are these demands, or conditions that must be met? Are they physical, spiritual, financial, or otherwise? Consider this:

If asked, would you say that your satisfaction with life is directly proportional to your financial situation?

A recent poll just released by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that it is. At least, that’s the case for the nearly 1,000 African Americans they polled. However, I doubt the numbers are in any way tied to a specific people. I would argue that this outlook pervades most races and classes.

The results of the poll aren’t terribly striking. We would expect them. It really seems common sense. The more well off one is financially, the greater that persons satisfaction with life.

But, is this the way it should be, especially for Christians?

I would argue that our satisfaction with life should have absolutely nothing to do with our financial situation. Is this a bold claim? It probably seems more bold to some than it should, because all we know is a culture that has adopted this way of life.

But God’s Word tells us that Jesus Christ came and lived and preached the good news of the kingdom to us so that his joy may be in us, and therefore that our joy would be complete (John 15:11). We are to believe in the good news of Jesus Christ. Abiding in Christ is where our joy rests, not in fleeting circumstances, not in earthly trials and tribulations, but in the person of Jesus Christ, who is God.