Book Review: Scripture Alone

The question of the sufficiency of Scripture has been asked time and time again, almost as long as the Bible has been in written form. James White attempts an introduction to the doctrine in his book:

James White. Scripture Alone, (Bethany House, 2004), 217 pages

I found this book to be very helpful in addressing the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. It’s written in straightforward language which allows it to be accessible to all believers.

White also uses mock dialogue throughout the book to not only address the issues in clearly understandable terms, but also to give people examples of how to refute the claims against the sufficiency of Scripture. He shows us how to use sound biblical defense to respond to others who teach false doctrine against the Bible. He argues that most who constantly try to pick the Bible apart don’t have a wide enough view of Scripture. Typically they pull verses out of context and use historical arguments that don’t give a complete picture of the citation, only what they want to prove. Most often their claims are refuted simply by engaging context.

The dialogue sections are helpful because White uses Scripture to help defend Scripture. He gives examples of historical theories and focuses on other religions that claim the Bible is false.

Every Christian should pick up this book to grow in knowledge of the Scriptures. We need to cultivate a passion for God’s word. White’s passion for Scriptures is written into every page of this book. Let us learn from his wisdom and the years of study that he has devoted to this topic.


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